Picking the Best Toothpaste for You

How do you decide which type of toothpaste you buy? Are flavor, price, or brand the deciding factors? Did you know that there could be a better way? Do you know why some toothpastes could meet your individual needs better than others? We are happy to offer you some information to help you make the… Read more »

3 Foods You Should Avoid For Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy by flossing and brushing daily is essential, but did you know there is more to keeping those pearly whites, white? A healthy, balanced diet can help your teeth stay strong for years to come. But what foods aren’t good for your teeth? Well that’s what we’re here for. We… Read more »

What Increases Your Risk For Developing Dry Socket?

If you have an oral health problem which severely damages a tooth, that tooth may need to be extracted from your mouth. Afterwards, a blood clot forms in the extraction site which covers and protects the bone and nerves, allowing the area to heal. However, if this blood clot is displaced, it can result in… Read more »