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Some adults grind their teeth at night due to stress or allergy issues. Chronic night grinding can cause a number of different problems including chips and fracture in teeth and alignment issues. It can even harm the muscles in your jaw. The cost to repair these teeth can sometimes be expensive.

Some adults will find resolution through improved stress management techniques or effective allergy treatments. If you continue to struggle with grinding your teeth you should give serious consideration to wearing a night guard.

Retail level night guards can sometimes be uncomfortable and can sometimes lead to increased saliva production. Many people complain that they slip in their mouth and have a negative impact on sleep quality. These comfort issues sometimes drive people to stop wearing the night guard.

The better option is to talk to your dentist about being fitted for a custom night guard. These pieces conform to the natural shape of your teeth and jaw for maximum comfort and fit. The soft plastic material protects your teeth while reducing the friction between biting surfaces to help relax muscle tension in the jaw.

If you have questions about a custom night guard or you would like to be fitted for a custom night, please feel free to call us at 858-457-7747 to schedule an appointment.