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There are several serious threats to your oral health posed by regular tobacco use. Beyond the negative impact posed to your general health, nicotine, tar and the other chemicals also impede the natural processes in your mouth.

Regular tobacco starts by causing cosmetic issues by deeply staining tooth enamel. Unfortunately, retail level whitening products simply are not strong enough to remove these stains. Your smile can only effectively be brightened again through the dental tooth bleaching procedure offered by Dr. Rossana T. Alfonso. Of course, continued tobacco use will cause them to deeply stain again.

Regular tobacco use also creates pervasive and chronic bad breath. Tar and other chemicals in tobacco can also impede saliva production leading to chronic dry mouth. Trying to manage the problem lozenges or hard candy adds extra sugar to your mouth, which only increases the chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease problems.

Using tobacco after certain dental procedures an oral surgery. At first the tobacco and other chemicals act as an irritant to healing gum tissues, which increases recovery time. It can also lead to a serious infection of the gums

Multiple research studies have also found a link between tobacco use and at least eight major types of oral cancer. Oral cancer also tends to occur earlier and with greater complications in tobacco users.

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