Tips for Providing First Aid for a Knocked-Out Tooth

Just like any other part of your body, an accident or emergency can also happen in your mouth. Even though your teeth are anchored firmly into place, it’s still not uncommon for something like a hard fall or a blow to the face to actually knock one of your teeth out of the socket. Here… Read more »

Teeth with Dental Sealants Still Need to Be Brushed Twice a Day

Caring for your pearly whites is the first step in having a healthy smile. Dental sealants can help keep vulnerable teeth extra safe. The dental sealants that are painted onto your child’s back teeth are thin barriers that prevent the oral plaque and bacteria from forming cavities. Here at , we encourage you to remind… Read more »

Restoring a Previously Extracted Tooth With a Dental Bridge

If you’ve recently had to have a tooth extracted due to severe tooth decay or damage caused by an accident or oral injury, you should contact Dr. to explore your restoration options. If the extracted tooth isn’t addressed it can lead to serious complications related to an impaired ability to chew food or speak clearly,… Read more »

Facts About Gingivitis

The term gingivitis is definitely one that you’ve heard, but do you really know what it actually is? More importantly, do you know how can you prevent gingivitis and how you can know that you even have this issue? Finally, do you know what problems gingivitis can cause or how you can treat it? Here… Read more »

What Can I Expect When Lengthening My Crown?

Before you come into for a crown lengthening treatment, Dr. and our team would like to help you prepare for your appointment so you can feel more comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair. Crown lengthening treatment in , , is a beneficial way of improving your oral health and beautifying your smile. When you… Read more »

Oral Health Dangers Posed by Tobacco Use

There are several serious threats to your oral health posed by regular tobacco use. Beyond the negative impact posed to your general health, nicotine, tar and the other chemicals also impede the natural processes in your mouth. Regular tobacco starts by causing cosmetic issues by deeply staining tooth enamel. Unfortunately, retail level whitening products simply… Read more »

Protect Your New Dental Filling by Following These Five Steps

If you’re in need of a dental filling in , , our team is here to help. Preparing for the procedure in advance will help you feel more comfortable and confident. To help you plan for recovery process in advance, we’ve listed five basic steps you’ll need to follow to protect your new filling. 1…. Read more »

How Mouthwash Can Help You

If you would like extra protection against tooth decay and gum disease, consider adding rinsing with mouthwash to your daily oral hygiene routine. Mouthwash does not replace brushing and flossing your teeth, but it can complement the positive effects to your oral health. Mouthwash can do many things for your smile, including: – Reduce the… Read more »

Don’t Skip Those Dental Cleanings!

Were you aware that a healthy smile not only benefits your pearly whites, but your heart as well? A healthy mouth means removing oral bacteria which can cause problems in the body, and not just the mouth. Your daily brushing and flossing efforts get rid of bacterial plaque that builds up every time you eat… Read more »

What Are These Sores in My Mouth?

Lesions in the mouth are common occurrences. They can arise in the form of bumps, ulcers or sores inside the mouth or on the tongue. Depending on the lesion, this can arise from infection, inflammation, or even cancer. Typically, viral infections and fungal infections are the most common causes of mouth or tongue lesions. Cold… Read more »